It may surprise you, but so far the UK Civil Air Patrol is the only body that has donated significant funding towards the flying function of SCRAPbook. We have received a few private donations but these amount to a very small contribution overall. Now that the survey work has become extensive, we note that the overall cost of our flying is close to a mere £1 in fuel per coastal mile. 

This is a remarkably low figure given that some individual miles of coast may attract a dozen high definition pictures of significant rubbish. The amazing economy is due to the fact that the pilots provide their own aeroplanes by paying for all of the maintenance, hangarage, insurance, depreciation and licensing unaided. Large amounts of time, effort and discomfort are also offered by both pilots and observers - all free of charge.

SCRAPbook can only legally assist pilots with a proportion of fuel and landing fees. Current funds for this are almost exhausted whereupon all flying will have to stop and the entire project could ultimately fail. This would be disastrous for Scotland’s coasts.

For our critical work to continue we need corporate and public donations to fund our fuel costs. A donation of £5 to either this website at 

- or the SCRAPbook site at 

will DIRECTLY lead to the survey of 5 miles of coast and the removal of any plastic contamination found there (this may amount to tonnes in some places). Nothing can happen if the survey is not done first as we have no idea where the plastic lies until we complete the flying and find it from the air.

Please donate what you can to help prevent the plastic waste that is arriving on Scotland’s shores from disfiguring our environment and ultimately entering the Scottish ecosystem for good.    

Thank you