The concepts outlined in the previous news items entitled 'SCRAP' and 'Plastic on our Coasts' have evolved into Project SCRAPbook - a fully fledged survey of the entire Scottish mainland coastline.  Have a look at the new SCRAPbook website here: for a full explanation. Selected SCRAPbook crews have been issued with powerful new GPS DSLR cameras and aircraft have been fitted with fixed high resolution video cameras to continuously scan the coast being surveyed.  A full time SCRAPbook coordinator has been appointed and the project kicks off for real at the beginning of May. Until then, trial sorties are being flown which provide 'practise' data for a small army of SCRAPbook volunteers who will be responsible for helping sift the very large amount of data and imagery produced by UKCAPS aircraft.

So far, some of these trial sorties have produced evidence of a truly shocking quantity of plastic contamination on our shores:  

One sortie returned with over 40 images just like the one above from a relatively short (but remote) length of Scottish coastline. The problem is very significant and it is hoped that SCRAPbook will not only lead to the initial removal of contamination but will continue so that more and more plastic will be removed as it continues to arrive on these identified 'hotspots' with every tide and storm.  The project could potentially go on for years.  The recovery and disposal task will be very much greater than the flying survey and large numbers of volunteers will be required. If you fancy getting involved, the website link above is a good place to start. 

See our gallery page for various other recent shots of coastal plastic contamination.