The former Highland and Lowland units of the UK Civil Air Patrol that previously covered Scotland have now combined into one Scottish Region.
The purpose of the UK Civil Air Patrol (legacy name Sky Watch) is to provide occasional airborne assistance to first responders, organisations, agencies, groups or individuals who would otherwise not have access to such a facility or who may need to temporarily extend the reach of their own established air support. Our role as a charity and as part of the Voluntary Sector is strictly humanitarian and is primarily intended to support communities and the environment by offering stand alone assistance or to be complementary to other forms of air support.
“Providing voluntary air support to safeguard communities and the environment”.
UKCAPScotland has aircraft, pilots and observers based all over the country who operate from numerous permanent airfields. This ensures maximum flexibility and reduces transit time by air to the scene of assistance.
Air Search
Searching from the air at around 800ft above ground level provides spectacular advantages over conventional search. Using either visual or photography-based search techniques, areas can often be cleared in a fraction of the time and effort taken by searchers on the ground.
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Aerial Photography
Precise aerial photography has been provided for local authorities, the emergency services, archaeological survey, wildlife survey, crop monitoring, coastal erosion survey, flood and pollution recording, post incident evidence recording and coastal rubbish detection.
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Observation and Reporting
Aircraft offering continuous observation and real-time reporting from overhead any situation can be invaluable to local authorities, animal and environmental protection agencies, large event organisers, traffic managers, rescue services & emergency management agencies.
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